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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Reel Service with replacement bearings

A quick post and before and after video of a reel that's just been finished.

Okuma Epix Pro 40 reel with a very rough feel and noisy 'coffee grinder' racket going on ! The fix was replacing the bearings, all 3 of them as water had got in and the rust had done it's deed on them  . . . . . . .  an expensive job you may think?

No, not really, all in with a service, the reel's total repair cost including 3 new bearings was only £25 ! Now bare in mind that if you were sending it to me you'd have postage costs both ways, but this chap was fairly local, so in his case, a very reasonable fix to keep a favourite reel in action doing battle !

Watch the video below and hear the difference !

As you can see it's made a massive difference to the sound, feel and operation of the reel, completely transformed from something you'd throw away to a reel that's going to be good for years.

This is a service I offer for many many older reels, including the old original Shimano TSS Baitrunners (Triton Sea Spin), Daiwa original Tournament TSS5000's, Emblems (AKA baboons arse!) and many many more, including beach and boat reels !

Give me a shout with enquiries for any reel you have and I'll see what I can do for you !