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with over 25 years in the industry, and creator of the TBR2 Barbel Tripod.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Reel Service with replacement bearings

A quick post and before and after video of a reel that's just been finished.

Okuma Epix Pro 40 reel with a very rough feel and noisy 'coffee grinder' racket going on ! The fix was replacing the bearings, all 3 of them as water had got in and the rust had done it's deed on them  . . . . . . .  an expensive job you may think?

No, not really, all in with a service, the reel's total repair cost including 3 new bearings was only £25 ! Now bare in mind that if you were sending it to me you'd have postage costs both ways, but this chap was fairly local, so in his case, a very reasonable fix to keep a favourite reel in action doing battle !

Watch the video below and hear the difference !

As you can see it's made a massive difference to the sound, feel and operation of the reel, completely transformed from something you'd throw away to a reel that's going to be good for years.

This is a service I offer for many many older reels, including the old original Shimano TSS Baitrunners (Triton Sea Spin), Daiwa original Tournament TSS5000's, Emblems (AKA baboons arse!) and many many more, including beach and boat reels !

Give me a shout with enquiries for any reel you have and I'll see what I can do for you !



Monday, 23 April 2018

Rod blank re-glossing and finishing and refurbishments . . . . . . . .

Many older blanks that have years of life left in them only tend to suffer from one common downfall . . . . . . .  weathering . . . . . . .

This can come in various forms from just fading with daylight, to the top layers going brittle and starting to crack/split, then the weather and water gets to them and they can go 'white' in the winter, whippings as well as blanks.

Surface scratches and packing the rods away still damp, or leaving rods wet and damp in a damp holdall for long lengths of time all contribute to the degradation of the rods outer finish.

Re-glossing can bring an old rod back to life and make it look like new, as well as being a great base on which to rebuild a whole rod, or just re-whip and re-finish. Below are a couple of examples which show you the before and after shots of some recent rebuilds.

First example is a set of North Western Blanks Carbon Kevlar Multi Range.....
over 25 years old and at first, really looking it !

As you can see there is a marked difference ! 

Tip sections looking good and ready for some rings ! 

Butt sections part way through having some old school duplon abbreviated 
replica handles fitted to complete the top to toe refurbishment.  

Next example is a Silstar Traverse X 390 Match 
A bit of a Silstar classic from back in the day ! 

This has also in for  the full works, which includes rebuilding the handle and replacing the old fibreglass parallel handle insert silstar used to fit, with a tapered carbon fibre handle, new cork handle, Fuji KDPS cork reel seat, 

Fuji Alconite single leg rings with 3 leg butt ring, top to bottom blank reglossing and an as - yet - to be - decided twin colour whipping combo ;) 
This will truly be a one of a kind Traverse X so what better way to start the build than with a freshly reglossed blank to ensure the best start ! 

As you can see, the difference in old and 'new' can be like night and day. 
Most, but not all blanks can be recoated, some factory coloured blanks can't always be reglossed, and depending on the condition, may or may not be advisable to attempt, so when in doubt, let me have either some really good quality photos or bring them to me in person to view.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Original Shimano Stradic GTM match reel servicing video

Thought a little short video might make a change ! This is from a little while back that I posted on my Facebook Page  it's a before and after service on a very old original Stradic GTM, a classic Shimano match reel, that had never had a service since purchase !

From loud and squeaky, to smooth and silent ! All for just £15 !
Beware of imitations ! I spend an hour plus on a service and I am very thorough!

ALL GEARING is checked
ALL BEARINGS  are cleaned and checked
Your reel is cleaned out to FACTORY CLEAN standards then,
REBUILT and regreased & oiled.

PLUS If you would like to see your actual reels stripped and being serviced, I will post a series of images up for you on my Facebook Page  so you can
ACTUALLY SEE  what you've paid for ! Not sure there's many out there offering that, I've been doing it as long as my page has been running to show customers the depth and thoroughness of my services - Please take a look at my page and give me a ' like ' I'd really appreciate it  !

Thank you


Friday, 9 June 2017

Drennan rod repair and carbon fiber wrapping / rod break fixing !

Drennan rod repair, re-ringing and carbon wrapping with a cork handle repair all in one with this one ! See this post and many more on my facebook page, don't forget to give me a 'like' please ! Thank you. Dave

Trafford Tackle Repairs carbon wrapping and rod break repairing !

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Reel servicing including return courier delivery !

 2017: Mail order reel servicing & prices.

As I've been offering this for a while now I thought it best to update the site with some details for those of you that are not - so - local to Manchester !

You can purchase services through ebay !
(see my listings here: My Current eBay listings  )
You of course, have paypal's guarantee that your payment is secure whichever way you decide. So it works like this:

1. You purchase a 'buy it now' for the amount of reels you want
serviced by using the drop down menu on eBay.

2. You send your reels to me using a service of your choosing. (try parcel2go for prices)

Send to: D Kelly. 19 Strathmere Ave. Stretford. Manchester. M320DR.
 (Callers by appointment please phone)

3. I service the reels, pack them and send them back to you, within 7
days, usually returned using a signed for courier service.

The prices are for servicing ONLY and do not include parts.

I use a signed for courier service which  requires that you sign for it.
The return time is normally 2 working/weekdays, you will be provided
with tracking information for your parcel. Upon receiving your reel(s) I
would generally be able to turn them around for you in 7 days,
please try to allow for this, if I can do them quicker I will, if you
want to check, ring me before ordering. 07784 100 752

To Pay: Simplest way is to either buy through eBay or just call text or email me with your PayPal email address and I'll send you an invoice.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Reel servicing prices August 2016

Reel servicing prices for the remainder of 2016:

An ever so slight increase and simplification, all reel servicing is now back to £15 per reel regardless of quantity, mail order prices will be staying as they are as they are already slightly higher with postage etc so I will include a link to my ebay listing below.

This is still half the price of places like Tackle Box at Sutton, and I can guarantee I do as thorough a job as Daiwa's or Shimano's own service departments !

I service, ALL the old Shimano Baitrunners and Daiwa big pit reels that Shimano and Daiwa now don't !

Every reel is stripped, cleaned, inspected, re-oiled and re-greased and re-assembled . . . . .  all for £15 ! If you live in the north west you'll also be lucky enough to drop them off and benefit from NO POSTAGE!

I am situated 2 minutes from the old Trafford angling shop, if you shopped there you will likely know me ! 5 mins from the M60 junction 7 and 5 mins from the Intu Trafford Centre. I will give you my details when you make an appointment.

 Each reel, stripped down and cleaned thoroughly. . . . . . . .

 All bearings are removed, cleaned and inspected before going back in. 

 All gearing is removed, cleaned thoroughly and inspected for signs of wear before the reel is re-assembled.

Drag washers are also removed and de-greased and dried/inspected and re-greased before re-inserting back into the spool. 

Once reels are re-assembled and ready to collect I will get in touch and arrange a suitable day or evening for you to collect. I accept payments by cash, paypal or bank transfer,

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Swing tips and my new twirly drying rack adapters !

Well folks, due to demand and an upsurge in the popularity or resurgence of swing tip fishing seemingly creeping back into fashion of late, I decided to do a bit myself ! After just a couple of sessions I decided it was time for a new tip and set about knocking one up for myself incorporating some rod building technology !

Having made some of these up over the years for friends and seeing a distinct lack of decent kit available I made up a few extra and did a few listings on eBay and a few other sites, Tackle Trader UK and Manchester Gumtree 
well, the phone didn't stop ringing after a week !

Loads of feedback too, people actually ringing me up saying it was the best swing tip they'd ever seen! Super stuff, made my day, that's not something  that usually happens a lot these days !

And they came out like this  . . . . . . .

These are the 'close range' version with just the tip eye for maximum sensitivity and short flicks and underarm casts where you're not likely to tangle, as a bit of a general rule you don't 'need' a second or intermediate eye on a swing tip, they are kind of traditional, but not 'essential' as a rule. I do offer both versions though. For longer distance fishing people tend to like them with the second ring, to be fair all you need to do is what I do, just pull on the line with your spare hand before casting, if it's not free you know where the problem is!

There will be three sizes in the 'range' 6'', 9'' and 12'', the latter having 2 small single leg rings and the 6'' and 9'' available as either a tip ring only model or with 1 small single leg up near the top of the tip.

Price wise they are between £10 and £18, and come supplied with a set of 3 'proper' swing tip rubbers that you may have seen many moons ago marketed as the Trev Tomlin brand (remember the catapults) in a light/medium/heavy format and of course, a threaded swing tip adapter.

They are of course, hand built, bespoke, you won't find them in the shops and yes I do send them out if you're not local, P+P is include in the prices and you can find them on ebay more often than anywhere else. You can pay by paypal, and you can pay me directly without having to go through ebay, just browse my listings, pick one and send me the money through paypal (plus a message with your details) either as a gift, or using my link and just adding the amount to the end, so if a tip was £12.99, you would put this in your browser:

You can find my current items for sale on my ebay page :

Dave's items for Sale:

Here's a hot video of some new stock drying off on my newly made adapters that fit my rod drying racks ! Riveting stuff !  You'll love it  . . . . . .