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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Swing tips and my new twirly drying rack adapters !

Well folks, due to demand and an upsurge in the popularity or resurgence of swing tip fishing seemingly creeping back into fashion of late, I decided to do a bit myself ! After just a couple of sessions I decided it was time for a new tip and set about knocking one up for myself incorporating some rod building technology !

Having made some of these up over the years for friends and seeing a distinct lack of decent kit available I made up a few extra and did a few listings on eBay and a few other sites, Tackle Trader UK and Manchester Gumtree 
well, the phone didn't stop ringing after a week !

Loads of feedback too, people actually ringing me up saying it was the best swing tip they'd ever seen! Super stuff, made my day, that's not something  that usually happens a lot these days !

And they came out like this  . . . . . . .

These are the 'close range' version with just the tip eye for maximum sensitivity and short flicks and underarm casts where you're not likely to tangle, as a bit of a general rule you don't 'need' a second or intermediate eye on a swing tip, they are kind of traditional, but not 'essential' as a rule. I do offer both versions though. For longer distance fishing people tend to like them with the second ring, to be fair all you need to do is what I do, just pull on the line with your spare hand before casting, if it's not free you know where the problem is!

There will be three sizes in the 'range' 6'', 9'' and 12'', the latter having 2 small single leg rings and the 6'' and 9'' available as either a tip ring only model or with 1 small single leg up near the top of the tip.

Price wise they are between £10 and £18, and come supplied with a set of 3 'proper' swing tip rubbers that you may have seen many moons ago marketed as the Trev Tomlin brand (remember the catapults) in a light/medium/heavy format and of course, a threaded swing tip adapter.

They are of course, hand built, bespoke, you won't find them in the shops and yes I do send them out if you're not local, P+P is include in the prices and you can find them on ebay more often than anywhere else. You can pay by paypal, and you can pay me directly without having to go through ebay, just browse my listings, pick one and send me the money through paypal (plus a message with your details) either as a gift, or using my link and just adding the amount to the end, so if a tip was £12.99, you would put this in your browser:

You can find my current items for sale on my ebay page :

Dave's items for Sale:

Here's a hot video of some new stock drying off on my newly made adapters that fit my rod drying racks ! Riveting stuff !  You'll love it  . . . . . .