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Monday, 27 May 2019

Shimano Stradic GTM4000m replacing noisy pinion gear bearing

Quick video for you ........................  a noisy and rough feeling classic old school shimano Stradic GTM4000. A strip down to the bones revealed a bearing on the pinion gear that must have had some water ingress that's affected the bearing and pitted it, rendering it noisy and feeling rough.

The reel has been completely stripped bare, all gearing and remaining bearings checked, relubed, and the reel reassembled and regreased, along with a brand new bearing fitted, taking it back to ' good as new'.

See the video below and hear the difference before & after !
Thanks for watching ;)

Monday, 20 May 2019

Fox FX9 Srip down, fault diagnosis and repair to oscillating issue.

Fox FX9 full Strip down & repair, reel had an oscillating issue, as it had been dropped from a height , so the spool wasn't travelling up and down, thanks to the good folks at Fox International supplying the spares FREE, this has only cost the servicing charge of £15 !

Great customer service there from Fox International & a real confidence booster to know that's the kind of after sale backup they offer !

The Fox FX9's are a nice reel to work on, repairing is quite straightforwards thanks to the reels design and layout, the oscillating worm gear virtually nut and bolting in and out, access inside the reel is easy and the reels are smooth and well engineered, as well as looking very 'carpy'  as well !

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