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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Barbel Landing net repair for the new season !

Well the new river season has arrived, and as usual, I left last season with a list of things I'd so for myself, and then forgot       : |  like I do every year ;)

This was one of them, my Gardner barbel spoon landing net, great bit of kit and I was very lucky to net a few lumps in it last year, but even that action of the frame just flexing is enough to loosen the screws, as pictured, which I've re-tightened enough times now for it to be getting annoying!

So I decided to do away with them altogether for something a bit more substantial.....

Drill the spreader block out to about 5mm. . . . . . 

I drilled the block out first, then inserted the 'arm' and then drilled it out, I 
did it this way because the arm then goes in a touch further, which in my mind 
is a little bit more secure, it certainly feels solid once in. 

And done. . . . . . A couple of M5 nuts/bolts, and then the threads are ground off on a bench grinder flat and smooth after making sure they're cranked up tight, hopefully I'll never have to fiddle around with it again, please take note, Gardner Tackle

Do it properly, and you only do it once  . . . . . . . . ;)

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