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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Butt ring repairs on two boat rods . . . . . . .

Just a quick post to illustrate the quality of finish I use, which is Flex Coat epoxy resin, and the variety of rod types that can be dealt with.

Dave from Stockport phoned after a search on the net in a bit of a panic on a sunday as he had a sea trip planned the following friday, amd two boat rods both with broken butt rings !

As I'm always happy to try and accommodate where possible, and as I had a day or two to wait for reel parts I was able to slot him in in-between jobs. The rings weren't an exact match in shape, the rings on the rod were the older, flimsier version of the one below, which are notorious for not being able to take a knock or bang !

(no offense to the ring pictured which is actually a decent type!)

So when the rods were dropped off I actually made a start on them the same day, applied the finish over the next couple of days as it was quite a thick finish, and the end result is pictured below, not too shabby at all ;)

I didn't get an exact match on the red coloured whipping but not a million miles away either and Dave was made up to be getting out so another happy customer!

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